Writings in Riga

This work is part of Writings series.



In this last Resonance exhibition in the Botanical Garden in Riga, one circle has come full:
the installation has turned into an archive of itself. It consist of a miniature version of the installation
inside a box where you can watch it through a twisted concave lens. On the other side of the box,
there is an opening where one can place their head and listen to the live sound of the miniature while
watching it through a small convex lens. The second box consist of a print display and another listening
space, where the sounds from all the realisations of writings can be heard in between a spoken text.
Photos from the other realisations printed on rice paper, are inside glass frames. The prints can be
placed on a light box with dimming rice papers.

Many thanks to Roar Sletteland, Didzis Breidaks, BEK, SKANUMEZS and Resonance

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