Wave Forms and Tunnel Visions II, Robert Revisited, 2015/2018


Puddefjorden, 2015

Recordings with a contact-mic based hydrophone in the Puddefjord-side by Damsgårdsveien 79. An account by a fjord-bottom-listener. 

I met Gunnar under the Puddefjord bridge, listening to the fjord-bottom through a tin-can on a line with a weight. I asked why and he said that a diver had told him that the bottom was sealed by cement to push the old industrial contamination earthwards. He had asked around but nobody had heard about it, so he thought acoustics might gossip. I told him I owned a hydrophone, so we met a week later and listened and talked.          

Many thanks to Hilde and Gunnar

Elapses, sound mix, stereo:

Coupled Pendulum, 2012:

Boreal, 2011:

Floating Shanghai, 2011:

Hitra, 2011:

Load (Abandoned), 2011:

Rohrism, 2009: