2019 • The Tidal Sense, LIAF , exhibition and residency, Værøy, Vågan in Lofoten
2018 • Field Modulations, exhibition and residency at St. Johns College, Oxford University (upcoming)
2018 • Weather reports back, contribution to Monoskop´s Exhibition Library, MediaCity Biennial, Seoul
2018 • Robert Revisited, Drive In Lydkunst at Nordens Hus, Reykavik
2018 • krysning/пересечение/conflux at Dark Ecology Project at SALT, Oslo
2017 • Elapses, SALT, Oslo, Seminar around the work
2017 • TINES, Sono In Mostra UDINE, ITALY
2017 • Vertical Studies: Acoustic Shadows and Boundary Reflections, with Espen Sommer Eide, commissioned work for Sonic Acts Festival, Borealis Festival, Bergen
2017 • Vertical Studies: Acoustic Shadows and Boundary Reflections, with Espen Sommer Eide, commissioned work for Sonic Acts Festival, Sint Jansklooster, Holland
2016 • Vertical Studies: Altitude and History, with Espen Sommer Eide, commissioned work for Dark Ecology III, Nikel, Russia
2016 • Evigaturen, Bio Politics, Eastern Block, Montreal, Canada
2015 • Wave Forms and Tunnel Visions, Art Writing, Århus
2015 • I sotterranei del suono, Palazzo di Città, Cagliari
2015 • VOLT-camp, Bergen
2015 • Menneskeberget, Ekely, Oslo
2015 • krysning/пересечение/conflux and beyond, Papay Gyro Nights, Orkney Island and Hong Kong
2014 • krysning/пересечение/conflux, screening, Automn Nights, Kalfarlien 18, Bergen
2014 • interference, Game of Life: Knust i offentlig rom, group exhibition, Kristiansand Kunsthall
2014 • krysning/пересечение/conflux, at Dark Ecology (Sonic Acts/Hilde Methi), Kirkenes/Nikel/Zapolyarny
2014 • Writings II, SKAN II in collaboration with Resonance, European Sound Art Network, Riga
2014 • past tracs, Cold Current, group exhibition, Reggio Emilia, Italy
2013 • STRATIGRAFI, duo exhibition with Cecilia Jonsson, Lydgalleriet, Bergen
2013 • Writings, Audio Art Festival (Resonance, European Sound Art Network), Cracow
2013 • alltid, installation, Sound versus System, Ny Musikk, Kunsthall Oslo
2013 • This must be the place (pick me up and turn me round), KinoKino, Sandnes
2013 • Writings, (Resonance, European Sound Art Network), Maastricht
2013 • Nor13, group exhibition, Akershus Kunstforening, Lillestrøm
2013 • Writings, installation, artist in residency at Resonance, European Sound Art Network, Flanderfestival, Kortrijk
2013 • Papay Gyros Festival, installation, lecture and live performance, Orkney Islands
2012 • The Cold Coast Archive, Rom 8 with Steve Rowell and Annesofie Norn, Bergen
2012 • LAK- festival for nordisk lydkunst, Copenhagen
2012 • Stazione di Topolo, film screening of Coald Coast Archive material, Italy
2012 • Interference New Arts festival, Artist in Residency, Italy
2012 • Soundworks, Institute of Contemporary Art (ICA), London
2012 • The Cold Coast Archive, Museum of PostNatural History, Pittsburgh, USA
2012 • Soundings, Nordic Sound Art Graduation Show, Roskide Museum of Contemporary Art
2012 • A Ride full of Traps, KHIB MA graduation show, Bergen Kunsthall
2012 • The Cold Coast Archive, with Steve Rowell and Annesofie Norn, web exhibition
2011 • Realization of Tudor´s Rainforest, Singuhr Hörgalerie with Nordic Sound Art, Berlin
2011 • Floating Shanghai, with wetsounds at Spor Festival with Nordic Sound Art, Århus
2010 • Angular Momentum, with Michal Kindernay, Entrée, Piksel10, Bergen
2010 • Realisation of David Tudor´s Rainforest, Piksel, Bergen
2010 • Pipeline, mitOst, Perm, Russia
2010 • SoundLAB VII, soundCELEBRATION, web exhibition
2009 • blowup, with Bettina Diel, Olga Wiedenhoeft, Guro Hauge, Gartenhaus der Kunst, Munich
2009 • The last theatre show ever-a societyofalgorithm and aavvorg-collaboration*, iCamp, Munich
2009 • Art- Recipe, Kabul – Oslo, Galleri Podium, Oslo and CCAA, Kabul/Transplant, Dale/Meteorfestivalen, Bergen
2009 • Tempo-passé with Annesofie Norn, at Risk:Reclaim:Entertain, Råhuset, Copenhagen
2009 • Weltraum Jahresüberblick, Weltraum/Lothringer13, Munich
2009 • Tent, with Annesofie Norn, iCamp, Munich
2009 • Wolkenkuckucksheim, Blüten 23, Munich
2008 • Sulten kommer mens man spiser, with Annesofie Norn and Per Platou, Århus and Zirkulation, Copenhagen
2007 • Ein Blick von Aussen,with Tonje B.Andersson, Galleri 21:24, 21:25, Oslo
2007 • Pain is temporary, Glory is forever, KHIO BA graduation show, Vulkan, Oslo
2006 • 8:22 art collective“, E-werk, Weimar
2015 • Wave Forms and Tunnel Visions, performance at Where Were We, Århus
2015 • Malmklang, performance at Nordic Music Days, Copenhagen
2015 • Juniutstillingen 2015, performance under gruppeutstilling, Kunstnerforbundet, Oslo
2015 • Performance at the book launch of F:M:R:L by Daniela Cascella, Lydgalleriet, Bergen
2014 • Sculpture II, with David Toop, Rie Nikejama, Daniela Cascella, Elin Vister Øyen, John Hegre, Lydgalleriet, Bergen
2014 • Frihetens Forpost, performance for The Structure and Properties of Matter, Hordaland Kunstsenter, Bergen
2013 • stigespill, performance with Jørgen Træen, NY MUSIKK, Kunsthall Oslo
2012 • A quiet position: Locale , curated by Jez relay French (release)
2012 • A quiet position:edition two, a below the radar-edition for The Wire, curated by Jez relay French (release)
2011 • Load (Abandoned), at Touch Radio:
2011 • Lidén&French”, performance with Jez Riley French, Stazione di Topolo, Italy
2011 • Notturno Prosobranchia for Topolò, performance with Per Platou, Stazione di Topolo, Italy
2011 • Rad II, Sunde, Norway
2010 • Odonata feeds drones, La Société de Curiosités, Paris
2009 • Islands of sound, Schwere Reiter, Munich
2014 • LYDHØR, a curatoral project at Lydgalleriet, Bergen with Daniella Cascella, Julie Lillelien Porter and Rune Schøting
2012-2013, Research Assistant, Replace, Bergen Academy of the Arts (KHIB)
2010-2012 MA, Nordic Sound Art,
2010-2012 MA, Visual Art, Bergen Academy of the Arts (KHIB)
2004-2007 BA, Visual Art, Oslo Academy of the Arts (KHIO)
2006 Bauhaus Universität Weimar, exchange semester
2015 • BKH arbeidsstipend, Norway
2015 • OCA international support
2015 • international suppor, Bergen Kommune
2014 • BKH arbeidsstipend, Norway
2013 • Resonance -european sound art residency program
2013 • Norsk Kulturråd og Bergen Kommune, prosjektstøtte STRATIGRAFI
2012 • Bergen Kommunes Etableringsstipend, Bergen
2011 • Nordisk Kulturfond, Prosjektstøtte for Svalbard Arkivet
2010 • Norsk Kulturråd, Prosjektstøtte for Svalbard Arkivet, Kunst og Ny Teknologi, Norway
2010 • Kulturkontakt Nord, Prosjektstøtte for Svalbard Arkivet
2008 • Københavns Kuturfond, Denmark
2007 • Kunstrådet, Scenekunstutvalget, Denmark
2007 • Fond for Lyd og Bilde, Norway