odonata feed drones

odonata feed drones, the concert set up from La Société de Curiousités, Paris.

odonata feed drones is an improvised sound performances that explores of the hidden sounds in casual objects using home-built electromagnetic resonators, analog and modified electronic and computer based interfaces in different combinations.

The concert at La Societé de Curiosités ( http://instantnet.wordpress.com/ ) was organized by PNEK ( http://www.pnek.org/). Merci.

Two bloggcritics from the concert:

http://counterfnord.wordpress.com/2010/02/28/february-24th-2010-signe-liden/ (english)

http://www.etherreal.com/spip.php?article3530 (french)

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Set II, La Societé de Curiosités odanatafeedsdrones , 16 min (this recordings has unfortunately some clicks and disturbance, sorry!)

Set I (“acustick”, La sosieté de Curiosités odanata , 17 min

From Musik im Gasometer, Berlin: gasometergig , 12 min

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