electromagnetic resonant instrument II

Electromagnetic resonant instruments 2

As I constantly search for objects in my surroundings with great resonating potential, my collection of beloved trash grows… A gigantic washing drum, a blueberry-plucking-equipment, some old cake forms and a perforated metal trash bin are among my favorite objects. Lately, I customized some of them for live-performances.  underneath, you can listen to different recordings, both from performance settings (Odonata feed Drones and Hollaidén) and from the research of the hidden sound in the found objects (bærplukker and ristpluss).

Washing drum, the blueberry plucking equipment and trash bin in different amplification constellations

Testing Testing:

In “ristpluss” I´ve connected a chassis to tha radio amplifier output (instead of the coil) and a contact mic in the input and testing it out with a grill, my violin and voice:

ristpluss , 6 min

Here are two recordings exploring the sound of a “bærplukker” an equipment to pluck berries, the “bærplukker rå”: 3.12 min is one raw recording from inside it, and the “bærplukker”: 3.33 min is a small composition where I tried to harmonize it with a resonated trash can.