alvdal exodus

alvdal exodus I

alvdal exodus II

Alvdal Exodus

Installation, Oslo 2006

Patchwork from two old farms in Alvdal, a small village in the middle of Norway were collected and patched together into two illuminating tens that were placed in different urban landscapes in Oslo during the winter 2006. The patchworks were up till two hundred years old, handed over from generation to generation of woman in the families, extended and repaired, and when a women got married, the patchworks was an important content of the bridal chest.

alvdal exodus III

Over: alvdal exodus shown indoors

Photos on top: alvdal exodus at Enerhaugen in Oslo

Under: alvdal exodus at Ekeberg in Oslo

alvdal exodus IIII, photo: Rolf Larsen

alvdal exodus V, photo: Rolf Larsen