krysning/пересечение/conflux is a light journey through complex territories. A travel with bow and arrow across pastures, mountains as well as manmade landscapes, military zones, harbours, mining areas and settlements in the border zone between Norway and Russia. On the arrow, there is a flute, in the flute, a microphone. The arrow lands somewhere and that somewhere becomes a recording station and a point of view until a new arrow-shot decides the next site of recording. The journey is filmed horizontally and vertically as a ballon is fixed to the traveler´s backpack and film the movements from the wind´s perspective.

The work was screened in a garage in Nikel, where walls, ceiling and floor became the speakers.

krysning/пересечение/conflux is a commissioned work for Dark Ecology, curated by Sonic Acts and Hilde Methi. Many thanks to Roman and Nicolai Khoroshilov, BEK, Birk and Roar Sletteland. And a deep breath of thanks to Ailo Gaup.

Stills from the film:

color1_small     krysning_2_small

color4_small     color2_small

color6_small     color8_small

color7_small     color9_small

4 min audio mix out of 25 min (6 channels roughly mixed down to stereo):