Writings in Kortrijk

This work is part of Writings series.

The first realisation of Writings was in Kortrijk for the Flanders Festival April/May 2013 in collaboration with Roar Sletteland. The installation space was an old brewery, about 14m x 8m and 6m high with a ceiling covered with a grid system. The “clockwork” of chains and tooth-wheels were fixed to the grid. The rotating microphone-stick fixed to the clockwork carves into the piles of sand on the floor. One of the walls were covered with windows from floor to ceiling. I kept the natural light from these windows opposite the entrance as the only light source. This frontal light gave an immediate “black and white” experiance of the work as one entered the space. Listening boxes with two separate rooms to stick one´s head inside was placed in one of the widows and on one of the walls.
This is a recording from the installation in Kortrijk, first shoot from the installation space and then from the inside of the listening boxes):






listeningspace with score copy