ellen røed

“Beyond transforms the floor of the large cinema into a resonating loudspeaker. As sound for a blind film or an echo from the cinemas past: a scenery of auditory archaeology from the Polish city of Bytom unfolds, a place where buildings, roads and fields slowly collapse into a decades-old labyrinth of coal mine tunnels.”

The work is made for the Re:place exhibition at KinoKino 13. September- 24. November 3013:

Four transducers are mounted under the floor and turn the whole surface into a speaker. The audience can move around “in” the sound and as the transducers often plays different sound the one can “compose” one´s own listening by changing background, foreground and perspective.
The sound documentation below is an abstract from the installation (originally 45 min in loop), recorded from a spot in the middle of the stage with a sound field microphone (recorded by Trond Lossius).