textile, accordion reeds, hoses, air compressors, archive boxes, laser print on metal

The installation was made for Soundings II, Nordic Sound Art Graduation Show at Museum for Contemporary Art in Roskilde May 2012 and showed at LAK Sept 2012.






Roskilde Museum for Contemporary Art:


Abstract of Christina Kurbish´ evaluation of the work:


“The work of Signe Lidén is inspired by cavities and holes, which she explores

constantly. Her sound sculpture is a large instrument-like structure in an almost

dark room which has reminiscences of a mysterious living pulsating organism. The

sound production is process based, the sound is generated directly through hidden

compressors which active accordion reeds. As air flows through the hoses the room

fills with constantly transformed sound clusters. The artist takes the risk not to

define every detail of the acoustic result which makes the listening even more organic

and interesting. Signe describes in her thesis her interest and research for cavities with

special acoustic qualities. She says: Hearing is a fascinating feature in the human

machinery: the body experiences variations in air pressure over time and contracts the

waves into sound, primarily through the air.

The work of Signe helps us to become more sensitive to listening. This is happening

through the quality of the sounds which form a dense composition of sustained layers.

By moving through the space the perception of the sounds change and the intention

of the artist to install future works in an even more site specific way will certainly

intensify even more the experience of listening.

But besides listening she aims to create an atmosphere which recalls her emotional

response to the tunnel system at the Finnish depot for nuclear waste, Onkalo

(cavity). She hides handmade drawings of the system in wooden boxes, she uses

special light. The installation is a complex work leading to a strong emotional