Signe Lidén (1981) is an artist based in Bergen. Her installations and performances examine man-made landscapes and their resonance. She is interested in how places and their histories resonate; in memory, through narratives and various materials, as ideological manifestations and political territories. Her work spans from sound installations, sculpture, video and performance to more documentary forms such as sound essays and archives.

Lidén made the sound and video work krysning/пересечение/conflux for the Dark Ecology project (2014); the installation series Writings for the European Sound Art Network Resonance (2013-14); and collaborated with Steve Rowell and Annesofie Norn on The Cold Coast Archive (2012), an exhibition series on the Global Seed Vault launched at the Centre for PostNatural History, Pittsburgh. She was commissioned to make works for Hordaland Art Center, Kunsthall Oslo and Ny Musikk, Touch Radio, and Inteferenze New Arts Festival.


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